Blade of the Sea Queen, a cutlass made from one of Crucias' scales

Nightmare Beacon, a corrupted Seeker torch

Illigeth's Bane, a glaive used to slay an elder dragon at Wyrmhowl Spire

Shadow Lenses, a set of monocles used by the first Darklight Disciples

Windstorm, a warhorn

Kobach's Chains, a set of spiked chains used by the legendary Titanslayer, Kobach

Wayfinder, a compass infused with the soul of a dryad

Cragstone, a shield made of granite and charged with raw Source energy

Ring of Unending Winter, a fragment of the end times

Tunic of the Festering Morass, a fragment of the end times

Mask of a Scorched Earth, a fragment of the end times

Frostbreaker, a maul with a head of solid ice

Final Rest, a dagger possessed by the soul of a murderer