A particularly foul breed of giant boar, the hornback has dermal bone deposits and spikes across its upper body along with an unusually nasty quad set of tusks. Domesticated hornbacks are bred in a village on the northern shore of the Cannerog, have their back spikes docked at birth, and are used by particularly vicious individuals as mounts and beasts of war.

Verdant Walkers

Large, vine covered humanoid beings with stag-like antlers and a pulsating spiral of fae energy where their face should be. There are records of these beings going back to early pre-Vaal societies. Their motives and origin are unknown, but they are most often found in the wilderness areas bordering civilization.

Strife Engine

These constructs, resembling a partial shell of stone held together by lightning, were unleashed early in the first Vaal conquest. They are essentially smart bombs, navigating to a location and attacking everything, going dormant once all targets are gone, and reactivating when targets return. In certain areas that were subject to high level conflicts, Strife Engines are serious, lingering threat.


The Cyclopean race was the end result of thousands of years of twisted experimentation by the elder dragon Garagos. He created what he believed was the perfect race. Physically large and powerful, able to easily tap into magical energy, aggressive, and dominating. All with a physical manifestation of Garagos' drive to create a unified world - a single eye so that no other visions would corrupt them. There are several cyclops subraces, and although they were mostly wiped out during the Uprising, there are still dangerous pockets of them breeding and attempting to regain power, especially in the Spines.


Elder Dragons
Lesser Drakes
Greater Drakes

Kebrian Hounds

These massive dogs have been bred for centuries in and around the region of Kebri in the Vehlon territories. Although they are a true breed now, records indicate they were bred from wolves and the common mastiff. They are highly intelligent, able to function independently of handlers and can be trained for a wide variety of tasks, from battlefield duty to livestock guarding to hunting. They are hard to acquire outside of Kebri, but an occasional litter will be found for sale. These dogs stand around 3 feet at the shoulder and weigh over 150 pounds.


These creatures are exceedingly rare, assumed by many to be a myth or long extinct. The fragments of lore regarding them indicate that they were the first humanoid species formed by the Ordum, but were quickly discarded as they were too dangerous. Some survived, however, and they appear in writings and oral histories throughout time, even including the occasional sighting in the current age. They appear to have the lower body of a large snake, torso of a human, eight spider-like arms, and a bald head with multiple eyes.
Takh'mal ruins are occasionally found, and they all have a similar architectural feature - a symmetrical layout of eight rooms around a main chamber.