Each character should pick an origin. This a general summary of what culture, society, or race they are from. Each origin has several aspects associated with it. A character can pick an aspect instead of an attribute increase, when granted.

You are a native of Agnor, a highly militarized absolute monarchy along the northwest coast.

You are from Khanid, home to the dragon-worshiping humans south of the Whiteclaws.

You are from Thakala, a human nation on the eastern shores of the Inner Sea that is known for its trade in exotic livestock.

You are a from the Ethani Dominion, a very old nation that was among the first to submit to the Vaal.

Frost Tribesman
You once called the tundras and taigas of the far north home.

Mist Touched
You are from one of the small villages near Cannerog Lake.

You claim no nation, having been born at sea, in a port haven, or to a sailor.

You are from the great city of Ennur, or one of its client towns along Kings Coast.

Vaal Loyalist
You are from one of the scattered settlements that still maintain loyalty to the ideals of the Vaal Empire.

You are from the Vehlon territories, a group of islands and coastal towns settled by wanderers from a distant land.

Green Dwarf
You are a dwarf from the surface settlements in the north.

Stone Dwarf
You are a dwarf from the Shadow Gorges, a series of dwarven mountain cities west of Kings Coast.

Moon Elf
You are an elf from any of the elvish settlements near Cannerog, with close ties to the Fae realms.

Raudmyr Elf
You are an elf from the Raudmyr lowlands, your ancestors long ago driven from their lands in the old Vaal home.

Riverfolk Halfling
You are a halfling from Enedrun, known for being skilled river sailors and craftsmen.

You are a halfling from one of the many scattered wilderness settlements north of the Vehlon territories.