Alternative Classes, requiring complete redesign
Arcane Caster

  • Mage, a classic spellcaster based on spellbooks, schools of magic, and arcane manipulation.
  • Elementalist, an arcane caster focused on elemental spells, effects, and summoning.
  • Occultist, an arcane caster based on secret ritual and ancient sorcery techniques.


  • Warlord, a heavily armored combat class focusing on battlefield presence and control.
  • Reaver, a high damage combat class with unique damage and weapon maneuvers.
  • Duelist, a high mobility combat class with damage spiking and active defense abilities.


  • Outlaw (traps, battlefield control, burglary, ranged combat)
  • Scholar (buffing/debuffing, lore, ranged combat, temporary magic items)

Nature Caster

  • Shaman, a hybrid class with a focus on healing, spirit magic, and melee combat.
  • Druid, a hybrid class with a focus on healing and defensive magic and shapeshifting.
  • Warden a hybrid class with a focus on offensive magic, animal companions, and melee combat.