• Paths of Rage
  • Path of the Berserker (PHB)
  • Path of the Juggernaut (SE)
  • Path of the Totem Warrior (PHB)
  • Path of the Cataclysm (SE)
  • Path of the Storm Herald (UA)


  • Bardic Colleges
  • College of Whispers (UA)
  • College of Lore (PHB)
  • College of Valor (PHB)
  • College of Glamour (UA)
  • College of the Mesmer (SE)


  • Druidic Circles
  • Circle of the Fang (SE)
  • Circle of the Crow (SE)
  • Circle of the Land (PHB)
  • Circle of the Mists (SE)
  • Circle of the Black Claw (SE)


  • Martial Style
  • Battlemaster (PHB)
  • Gladiator (SE)
  • Marauder (SE)
  • Brawler (SE)
  • Guardian (SE)


  • Monastic Traditions
  • Way of the Open Hand (PHB)
  • Way of the Sun Soul (UA)
  • Way of the Shadow (PHB)
  • Way of the Four Elements (PHB)
  • Way of the Shifting Sands (SE)


  • Hunter Lodges
  • Lodge of the Beast Master (UA)
  • Lodge of the Moon Warden (SE)
  • Lodge of the Mist Stalker (SE)
  • Lodge of the Oakheart (SE)
  • Lodge of the Titanslayer (SE)


  • Burglar (SE)
  • Dominator (SE)
  • Bandit (SE)
  • Assassin (PHB)
  • Daredevil (SE)
  • Felblade (SE)


  • Spirit Guides
  • Spirit Guide: Twin Moons
  • Spirit Guide: Ancestors
  • Spirit Guide: Beasts
  • Spirit Guide: Elements
  • Spirit Guide: Dark Oracle


  • Orders Of Illumination
  • Order of the Chronicle
  • Order of the Foundry
  • Order of the Herald
  • Order of the Reclaimer


  • Sorcerous Origins
  • Spirit Sorcery (SE)
  • Blight Caller (SE)
  • Dragon Magic (PHB)
  • Wild Magic (PHB)
  • Phoenix Sorcery (fire, UA)
  • Sea Sorcery (water, UA)
  • Stone Sorcery (earth, UA)
  • Storm Magic (air, UA)


  • Patrons
  • Patron: The Dark Star (SE)
  • Patron: The Lifebringer (SE)
  • Patron: The Weaver (SE)
  • Patron: The Phoenix (SE)
  • Patron: The Leviathan (SE)
  • Patron: The Grave Spirit (SE)
  • All new invocations


  • Arcane Traditions
  • Hedge Mage (SE) (focus on low level spells and cantrips)
  • Arcanist (SE) (force damage, telekinesis, magery)
  • Orders of the Grey (PHB)

Alternative Classes, requiring complete redesign


Arcane Caster

  • Mage, a classic arcane spellcaster based on spellbooks, schools of magic, and arcane manipulation.
  • Elementalist, an arcane caster focused on elemental spells, effects, and summoning.
  • Occultist, an arcane caster based on ancient ritual and sorcery, a blend of cleric and warlock.


  • Warlord, a heavily armored combat class focusing on battlefield presence and control.
  • Reaver, a high damage combat class with unique damage application and weapon moves.
  • Duelist, a high mobility combat class with burst damage and active defense abilities.


  • Outlaw, a specialist combat class focused on special sneak attacks and crowd control.
  • Seeker, specialist caster cast focused on lore and magical items.

Nature Caster

  • Shaman, a nature hybrid class with a focus on healing, spirit magic, and sustained melee damage.
  • Primalist, a nature caster class with a focus on shapeshifting and nature magic.
  • Warden a nature combat class with a focus on offensive magic, animal companions, and melee combat.

Caster Templates

  • Full caster - you have access to spellcasting at level 1 and can cast spells of level 1-9 (wizard).
  • Half caster - you have access to spellcasting at level 1 or 2 and can cast spells of level 1-5 (ranger).
  • Aspect caster - you have access to spellcasting when selecting an archetype and can cast spells of level 1-4 (eldritch knight).
  • Restricted caster - you have access to spellcasting at level 1, have access to spells of level 1-9, and have an extremely limited number of spell slots that are always calculated at a set level (warlock).