The cosmology of this game world is slightly different than the standard D&D 5th edition setting.

The World

The prime material plane, consisting of the setting world, its two moons, the stars, and the void between.


The Silver Moon

The Golden Moon

The Stars

The Void

The Veil

The barrier that separates The World from the Borderlands. Passing bodily through this is referred to as “piercing the veil.”


A nebulous, impressionist mirror of The World, the Borderlands serve as a conduit from The Source to the World, routing the raw energy of life and magic to where it needs to go.

Fae Kingdoms

The Source

A churning chaos of the raw materials of creation - bare elements, essence of dreams, raw thoughts, and emotion given form. Although extremely dangerous to mortals, those that know how to gather energy from the source can find themselves in positions of power or wealth.

The Heavens and Hells

Although there are no records or evidence of their existence, it is commonly held belief that the souls of the dead pass through the borderlands and into