• Academics
  • Lore: Ordum
  • Lore: Spirits
  • Lore: Arcana
  • Medicine
  • Herbalism
  • Art
  • Craftsman


  • Acrobatics
  • Athletics
  • Might
  • Endurance


  • Burglary
  • Sleight of Hand
  • Stealth


  • Deceit
  • Sense Motive
  • Leadership
  • Intimidation
  • Rapport
  • Streetwise


  • Sailing
  • Animal Training
  • Survival
  • Trading
  • Gambling


  • Unarmed Combat
  • Melee Combat
  • Ranged Combat


  • Investigation
  • Alertness

Magic Systems

In the FATE version of Shattered Empires, all magic is drawn from the Source in some manner. The Source is an extra dimensional space, filled with the raw energy of creation. Those who have pierced the Veil and have seen the Source claim it is an infinite plane of clashing elements, pockets of pure void, and beacons of pure energy. Energy from the Source winds its way through through a place called the Borderlands, a misty, nebulous place that serves to disperse that energy to where it's supposed to be. If you imagine the universe as a body, the Source is the heart and the Borderlands are the arteries.


Those that study magic in an orderly fashion are said to follow the path of Arcanum, and are often called Mages. Formulas, spellbooks, intricate somatics and complex rituals are the hallmarks of their technique. Arcanum spells typically involve telekinetic manipulation, charms and mental enchantments, mystical wards, and the creation of magical items.

  • Skill: School of Arcana
    • Stunt: Translocation
    • Stunt: Infinite Forms
  • Skill: School of Domination
    • Stunt: Storm Shackles
    • Stunt: Aether Feast
  • Skill: School of Warding
    • Stunt: Project Wards
    • Stunt: Conjure Shield Construct
  • Skill: School of Prophecy
    • Stunt: Twist Fate
    • Stunt: Sight Beyond Sight
  • Skill: School of Deception
    • Stunt: Distort Reality
    • Stunt: Illusory Self


Those that try to impersonate or draw upon the power of the Ordum themselves are said to follow the path of Sorcery. They pore over the ruins of ancient civilizations and plumb the depths of their own consciousness, and are often able to discover, or recover, powerful bits of magical knowledge.

  • Skill: Disciple of the Void
    • Stunt: Manifest Darkness
    • Stunt: Void Pulse
  • Skill: Disciple of the Lifebringer
    • Stunt: Flourish
    • Stunt: Waken the Sleeper
  • Skill: Disciple of the Weaver
    • Stunt: Conjure Flesh Automaton
    • Stunt: Unmaking
  • Skill: Disciple of the Purifier
    • Stunt: Heart of the Phoenix
    • Stunt: Storm of Embers

Elemental Magic

There are some whose skill in magic comes completely from a direct connection to the Source. These individuals, usually called elementalists or primalists,

  • Skill: Path of Earth
    • Stunt: Earthquake
    • Stunt: Conjure Earth Wisp
  • Skill: Path of Water
    • Stunt: Fountain of Life
    • Stunt: Conjure Water Wisp
  • Skill: Path of Fire
    • Stunt: Heat Wave
    • Stunt: Conjure Fire Wisp
  • Skill: Path of Air
    • Stunt: Vortex
    • Stunt: Conjure Air Wisp

Primal Magic


  • Skill: Stormcaller
    • Stunt: Lightning Dance
    • Stunt: Windburst
  • Skill: Shapeshifter
    • Stunt: Stampeding Roar
    • Stunt: Dire Beast Form
  • Skill: Oakheart
    • Stunt: Intervene
    • Stunt: Break the Hordes
  • Skill: Beastspeaker
    • Stunt: Alpha
    • Stunt: Hunting Trophies
  • Skill: Spiritwalker
    • Stunt: Starfall
    • Stunt: Spirit Vortex