The history of the Dark Frontier is the history of countless rising and falling nations and empires. The ruins of these fallen empires form the foundation of the current political landscape. The legacy of two of these, the Vaal Empire and the Khadorians, are still seen every day in the region.

Summarized Timeline Distant Past (Unknown, possibly hundreds of thousands of years)

  • Beings known through myth as the Ordum create the world and populate it with life. It is unknown if these beings are gods themselves or some sort of powerful mortal beings
  • Ordum exit the world completely; they are never seen again and there are no records of contact, although there are scattered shrines and temples found in the deepest wilderness
  • The Ordum leave their greatest living creations, Dragons, in place to be stewards of the world
  • Over many millennia, nations, empires and whole cultures rise and fall as the Dragons abandon their duties as stewards and take on the role of politicians. These Elder Dragons go through periods of activity and hibernation, setting their pawns while awake and allowing their great game to play out while slumbering.

Vaal Era

  • 1 VE - A corrupted elder dragon known as Garagos breaks his hibernation cycle and creates the first generation of Cyclops and sets them loose to conquer the world in its name
  • 40 VE - The first recorded conquest by the Vaal occurs when they subjugate the Elf held Border Forests, forcing most Elves to flee into the Raudmyr Lowlands
  • 134 VE - The Vaal Empire controls almost all territory surrounding the Burning Sea and begins sending raiding parties to other lands. They maintain this empire for nearly 3 millennia.
  • 2925 VE - The Vaal begin to make serious incursions into the Whiteclaws. In response, the Dragons still lairing there set plans in motion for a Great Flight
  • 2964 VE - The last Great Flight occurs. Dragons, along with their remaining allies and subjects, sweep around the Seas, purging the Vaal and leveling their capital
  • 2968 VE - The remaining dragons return to the Whiteclaws or depart to other lands while the lesser races begin to reclaim their ancestral territories and set borders

Modern Era

  • 1 ME - The beginning of the modern era, marked by the date that the King-in-Exile of Agnor cleanses his capital of the last of the Vaal loyalists, approximately 40 years after the fall of Vor Rukoth
  • 92 ME - The current year