This wiki is designed to serve as a general reference for the storytelling setting of Shattered Empires. Please use the links on the right to navigate to the information needed.

Large societies are anchored along the coasts, and the interior is dangerous wilderness and the ruins of fallen civilizations. The previous empire prevented expansion, and the unsettled areas turned into a haven for criminals, miscreants, and evil things.

The world is infused with magic, but the ability to reliably manipulate it has been mostly lost.

The world is damaged from the last great conflict, between the Vaal Empire and the Elder Dragons. The are areas where great arcane forces collided, creating scars where magic runs wild and the veil between worlds is thin.

Records indicate that god-like beings created the world, but they disappeared shortly after. The dragons were meant to be their wardens, but abandoned their duties ages ago. There are scattered groups attempting to discover the nature of these gods.

Many character options have been tweaked to fit the setting, mostly in the subclasses under the Classes section. There are no deities in the setting, so the Cleric and the Paladin have been removed. The Shaman, depending on build, can fill either role. The Seeker class is an arcane caster with heavy ties to the setting lore.